Report: Andre Iguodala’s first meeting of free agency to be with Spurs


Andre Iguodala may well end up staying with the Warriors, there is plenty of mutual interest there, but the Warriors want him at a price that doesn’t spike their tax bill, and there are other teams very interested in his services (and picking away at the Warriors core role players).

The Warriors and Iguodala have not set up a formal meeting yet, but he does have his first meeting of free agency set: San Antonio. That according to Chris Haynes of ESPN.

The San Antonio Spurs will get the first crack at free agent to-be Andre Iguodala on Saturday morning at midnight ET when the NBA’s free-agency period opens, league sources said.

The Spurs feel as if they have a legitimate shot at luring the Golden State Warriors’ prized sixth man away from the Bay Area, sources say. Iguodala is open to relocating under the right parameters, sources say.

“Right parameters” has a lot to do with money. A winning environment (such as the Spurs have) is part of it, his role on the team and if he starts will be part of it, there are other factors, but it’s always about the money first.

And the Spurs have it, a little more than $15 million under the cap that they could offer to Iguodala. The Warriors were rumored to be looking to spend between $10 million and $12 million.

Would Golden State pay more keep the former Finals MVP who was a close second in the Sixth Man of the Year voting last year? Kevin Durant is taking less to keep guys like Iguodala, he is a key part of their switching, small-ball lineups that defend so well.

It’s going to be an interesting summer for the Warriors as they try to keep their role players together around that amazing group of stars.