Report: Uncertainty with LaMarcus Aldridge played factor in Chris Paul going to Rockets


Chris Paul is now a member of the Houston Rockets after a trade sent the veteran point guard from the Clippers to Texas this week. Paul is friends with both James Harden and Trevor Ariza, who apparently played a factor in him coming to Houston.

Paul chose the Rockets over fellow Texas rival San Antonio Spurs, with some consideration given to their current climate with LaMarcus Aldridge.

Aldridge, who jumped ship from the Portland Trail Blazers two seasons ago, has reportedly been unhappy with his time in San Antonio. With that situation up in the air and with a coach of the year winner sitting on the bench in the Mike D’Antoni, it appears that helped Paul make the decision to head to Houston.

Via The Undefeated:

One reason is the Rockets had three great recruiters who were in Paul’s ear to come to Houston: Harden, starting small forward Trevor Ariza and reserve point guard Bobby Brown. There are levels to this stuff, as Harden and Paul are members of the NBA elite world and have been friends for a while. Who knows what they have been talking about behind the scenes? Ariza and Brown are also former New Orleans Hornets teammates of Paul’s, and they remain close friends.

Paul was seriously interested in playing for the Spurs, according to a source. But with Aldridge’s status with the Spurs up in the air, it made the situation less attractive. It probably would have been awkward for Paul to take the starting role over longtime Spurs point guard, respected foe and friend Tony Parker.

There are a a lot of questions swirling around the Rockets with both Harden and Paul on the roster, mostly as it comes to a duplication of services and a potential step back for Harden, who is coming off of an MVP-caliber season. But Paul will no doubt make them a better team, and he will certainly aid to their defensive efforts.

Even those outside of Texas will be excited to see the new Rockets team and to see these two players come together.