Isiah Thomas: ‘I’m not interested in joining New York Knicks’


The fact that Isiah Thomas’ name keeps coming up as a “dark horse” candidate to take over the Knicks, and that everyone needs to keep denying it, says everything you need to know about James Dolan’s franchise. The odds of Thomas being considered for this job should be the same as John Blutarsky’s grade point average.

Yet here we are. The latest denial comes from Thomas himself.

I’d like to think this puts the entire discussion to bed, but in the absence of information or even evidence of a plan — and we haven’t seen that from the Knicks — the internet will fill in the vacuum with rumors. And when Dolan’s involved that means Thomas’ name will come up.

The Knicks are reportedly interested in Raptors team president Masai Ujiri — and paying him so much he can’t say no. If not him, the Knicks could go get recently-released David Griffin out of Cleveland, pay him more than Dan Gilbert would, and then have Dolan step away and give him control. That’s two of at least a dozen good options the Knicks could choose from, but this is a Dolan-owned team, so anything and everything is on the table.