Report: Phil Jackson willing to trade Kristaps Porzingis, who’s drawing immense interest


When Kristaps Porzingis skipped his exit interview, teams called the Knicks with trade offers for the promising big man.

Is Phil Jackson listening?

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

There’s a HUGE difference between being willing to trade a player and actually trading a player. Jackson might be holding out for a return so great, even the most skeptical Knicks fans find the deal justifiable.

Lauri Markkanen and Porzingis have overlapping skill sets and might not ideally complement each other. But their shooting in tandem could be a dangerous weapon, especially if Porzingis grows into enough of a rim protector.

If the Knicks believe Markkanen is the best prospect available at No. 8, they should draft him. Likewise, if they get offered a package for Porzingis that is more valuable than him, they should trade him. Those decisions should be mostly divorced from each other.

What will Jackson do? That’s difficult to predict, especially when there’s some animosity between the sides.