Report: Dwyane Wade will opt-in with Bulls, picking up $23.8 million along the way


If the Cleveland Cavaliers had put up more of a fight against the Golden State Warriors, perhaps we wouldn’t be here. Perhaps because Stephen Curry & Co. put the hurt on LeBron James in a 4-1 series, we are.

Dwyane Wade will be staying with the Chicago Bulls for the final year of his contract, according to a report from ESPN.

Wade, 35, had a player option for the 2017-18 season in Chicago that will pay him $23.8 million next year for his services. The aging future Hall of Famer played in 60 games last season for the Bulls.


Dwyane Wade has informed the Bulls that he will pick up his $23.8 million player option for next season, a league source told ESPN.

Team personnel have believed for several months that the 35-year-old would pick up the option because it was highly unlikely he would be offered that much money on the open market.

Of course, an NBA team would have to be crazy to give wade more money than $24 million a season given his mileage and limited production. The only chance Wade had to not grab his payday would have been if he began ring chasing to end his career, most likely with a certain former Miami Heat teammate in Ohio.

Meanwhile, it appears that Jimmy Butler will be back with Chicago as of publication. While the Cavaliers have also tried to acquire Butler, he has reportedly told the Cleveland he wishes to stay in Chicago and would be wary of signing with them long-term.