Report: David Griffin left plans for Cavaliers before he left to make run at Butler, George


In the hours leading up to Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert letting go of GM David Griffin, Griffin was working the phones feverishly to come up with a way for the Cavaliers to land Paul George or Jimmy Butler despite a capped out, old roster. They involved delicate three-way trades where the Cavaliers would have to part with Kevin Love.

Before he walked out the door, the good company man Griffin laid out his plans for Cavaliers staff, reports Joe Varden of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Former Cavaliers general manager David Griffin left for his successors potential trades to bring either Chicago’s Jimmy Butler or Indiana’s Paul George to the team, sources told, and one or more deals Griffin constructed could happen without him.

In either case, a third team would be involved and would take All-Star forward Kevin Love in exchange for the mix of picks and role players the Bulls and Pacers seek to rebuild in the event they choose to deal their franchise player….

Sources believed that Gilbert and Koby Altman, who is essentially serving as the Cavs’ acting GM, could end up swinging a major trade that was first cooked up in Griffin’s final hours on the job.

I doubt Gilbert and Altman have the finesse to pull this off. Even if they hire Chauncey Billups quickly as the new head of basketball operations, he has no experience in the job and it’s a steep learning curve. Pulling off a three-team trade is unlikely.

But credit Griffin for being classy on the way out the door.