Video Breakdown: Warriors up screen decoy with Klay Thompson vs. Cavaliers


The Golden State Warriors sure do like to score the ball with their stars, but a big part of their efficiency comes from their ability to get their role players wide open buckets.

Last week we covered a decoy play from Game 5 of the 2017 NBA Finals where the Cleveland Cavaliers overplayed Klay Thompson, letting Kevin Durant score at the rim.

Durant obviously isn’t a role player, but the principle remains the same. This week’s breakdown is sort of a sister play to that action, with Thompson again involved as the player of focus.

This time it was David West — an actual role player — getting a wide open jumper as Kevin Love sagged too far off of him.

The Warriors score with Durant, Stephen Curry, and Thompson, then make teams overplay those guys to get simple looks like this. It’s deadly.

Check out the full video breakdown above.