Get a taste of Lonzo Ball’s workout routines (VIDEO)


Is Lonzo Ball going to go No. 2 to the Los Angeles Lakers?

That’s the question we’re still asking even after the Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics agreed to a trade that will send the No. 1 pick to Philly.

The Lakers were rumored to be trying to move up as well, potentially to take Markelle Fultz. Now that won’t happen, so eyes are back on whether Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka will select Ball.

His first workout with the team reportedly did not go well, with Ball apparently showing up out of shape. His second workout was one where Ball apparently wanted to show L.A. his workout routine.

Now, we’re getting a little sample of Ball’s routine and life through short videos released through the NBA. Whether they are timely PR for Ball or simple looks into the life of a top draft prospect, you’ll have to decide for yourself.