Rashad McCants plans to wear Big Baller brand shoes in Big3 league


We are just one week away from Ice Cube’s Big3 League — where former NBA players play 3-on-3 — tipping off in New York.

Rashad McCants was the No. 1 pick in that league, and when he takes the court at the Barclay’s Center for the first games in league history next weekend, he’s going to be wearing the Big Baller ZO2. Yes, the Lonzo Ball signature shoes from his father’s marketing firm that retail for $495 and were widely panned online when first shown (people who know shoes better than I thought they were too similar to the recent Kobe’s).

McCants talked about it on the BIG3 Show (hat tip Eye on Basketball).

“Sometimes it rubs people the wrong way when you come out as strong as LaVar did, as convicted as he was and passionate, it rubs people the wrong way. And I salute him, and I’m going to be wearing those ZO2’s when BIG3 starts and I’m going to be supporting him full strength.”

“I believe in entrepreneurship, I believe in breaking the mold, I believe in challenging the status quo and I think that that’s what he’s doing. He’s opening up a whole new lane for everyone to really realize that you can do your own thing. You don’t have to go sign with Nike. You don’t have to go sign with under Armour. You can build your own shoe and wear your own shoe.”

There are a lot of people who applaud the Balls not playing by everyone else’s rules. I get that. I also get that a high pick who is marketable like Ball will land a shoe deal with Nike/Adidas/Under Armour in the $4 million to $5 million a year range, and it’s hard to leave that money on the table. One person’s committed to a cause is another person’s crazy.

McCants will be wearing the ZO2s — if they are ready. Lonzo Ball did not wear them during his Lakers’ workout because they were not ready.