Report: Lakers taking and making calls on trading No. 2 pick


Will the Lakers draft Lonzo Ball, Josh Jackson or someone else with the No. 2 pick?

Or nobody at all?

Tania Ganguli of the Los Angeles Times:

Just after the Lakers secured the second overall pick in this year’s NBA draft through the lottery, general manager Rob Pelinka made two things clear:

1) He’ll listen if teams want to talk about trades.

2) It’s unlikely the second pick in the draft gets moved.

In the month since, however, the Lakers have been taking and making calls about trading the pick, said a source who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject. They’ve had scenarios presented to them, and offered their own.

I doubt there’s a single pick the first round where the team that owns it hasn’t discussed trading it with other teams. Are these talks particularly substantive? I don’t know, though the tone of the article – and the fact that it was written at all – implies they are.

But we don’t know what the Lakers are seeking or what they’re being offered. These hypothetical trades might be nowhere near completion.

In particular, don’t get your hopes up Pacers fans. It’s hard to see the Lakers trading the No. 2 pick for Paul George.

On the other hand, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss has openly discussed her desire to add a star immediately. Especially with Brandon Ingram off the market, the No. 2 pick might be the Lakers’ optimal asset to deal for a star.

As much as Magic Johnson is preaching patience, pressure from his boss could lead to trading the No. 2 pick.