Fan who got his toaster signed by Klay Thompson was in the Warriors’ parade (VIDEO)

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The Golden State Warriors are your 2017 NBA Champions, and as such they held a pretty sweet parade in Oakland on Thursday. The whole team was there, but there was at least one special addition: the toaster guy.

The toaster guy’s name is Ronnie, and earlier in the season he got Warriors guard Klay Thompson to sign a toaster for him. The incident was a bit of a viral thing around Basketball Twitter and over on Reddit, and Thompson eventually credited Ronnie for Golden State’s run to end the season.

Thompson joked that he would buy the entire team toasters if they swept the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Finals, a mark they just missed by a game.

But Thompson did end up inviting Ronnie to the parade, where he got part of his own float complete with his name in vinyl and seat next to Barry Bonds.

For real.

Via Twitter:

Long live the toaster guy.