Was Rihanna interaction personal highlight? Kevin Durant: ‘Oh, my gosh, more than that’


Kevin Durant had one special NBA Finals.

The Warriors star won his first championship, outplayed LeBron James to win (and deserve) Finals MVP and stared down Rihanna after making a 3-pointer.

Don’t lose sight of the importance of that last one.

Josh Peter of USA Today:

Durant said the Rihanna dustup — Durant appeared to stare her down after he hit a late three-pointer in Game 1 — was a personal highlight during the Finals.

“Oh, my gosh, more than that,’’ he said.

Durant has a long-standing infatuation with Rihanna, a noted LeBron fan:

Hopefully the fact that she didn’t yell “brick!” doesn’t ruin the moment for him. They’ll always have the stare-down.