Isaiah Thomas followed Gordon Hayward on Instagram, which freaked everyone out


The 2017 NBA Finals are over. The Golden State Warriors are champions, just like we thought they would be, after beating the Cleveland Cavaliers in five games. It’s now the offseason, which means lots of wild speculation about the 2017 NBA Draft and free agency.

One of the best free agent’s of July’s class will be Utah Jazz forward Gordon Hayward, who is apparently interested in the Miami Heat. The Boston Celtics have reportedly made Hayward their top free agent choice, which would make a lot of sense given his connection to Celtics coach Brad Stevens.

Meanwhile, the social media sleuths have already begun their sweeps of various channels, and they’ve come back with something. On Tuesday, Twitter pretty much lost their minds after Celtics PG Isaiah Thomas followed Gordon Hayward on Instagram.


Via Twitter:

What could it mean? Let the baseless speculation begin.

Of course, this was not helped by a post put up by Hayward’s wife that saw one of their children in a four leaf clover shirt. The post has since been deleted, but somebody saved it.

Ah, ok. Still, I’m not convinced this means anything. Does anyone have anything constructive or something that can calm down Jazz fans, who I am sure are hyperventilating at this point?

That’s a funny joke by Rudy Gobert and par for the course if you ask me. Let’s also point out that Thomas has since unfollowed Hayward.

Let’s all calm down. July is still a few weeks away.