Draymond Green says he had document ready to bash Cavaliers, opts against sharing (video)


In the three years of the Warriors-Cavaliers trilogy, Draymond Green has talked plenty of smack – rubbing in Golden State’s 2015 title, broadcasting his plan to destroy the Cavs and saying Cleveland fans aren’t the sharpest.

But after the Warriors beat the Cavaliers for the 2017 NBA title, Green didn’t take any parting shots.


I respect them. There’s a mutual respect. They’re champions. We’re champions.

I had this whole document ready. I was ready to bash everybody. But I jut, I have too much respect for them. The things that they bring to the floor, a great leader in LeBron and Kyrie.

That document has replaced the LeBron JamesKevin Durant song as the NBA’s hidden item du jour.

Good for Green taking the high road. LeBron, Kyrie Irving and Co. deserve respect.

But it still would have been fun to see Green go Michael Scott on Cleveland: