As expected, Rudy Gay reportedly has opted out of contract with Kings despite injury

Getty Images

Make no mistake, Rudy Gay wants to escape “basketball hell.

This past season, the 30-year-old wing tore his Achilles, and most players in that situation would have opted into the $14,3 million he was owed for next season then hit the open market in a year. Not Gay. He wants out and is going to hit the free agent market according to multiple reports.

An injured volume scorer on the wrong side of 30, it will be interesting to see what teams will offer for Gay, but it will be less than what he would have made by opting in next season. However, if he wants it, Gay likely will get the security of two or three years on the deal. Plus, he gets out of Sacramento.

This is best for the Kings, who need to get younger and rebuild after trading DeMarcus Cousins. If Gay had opted in, Sacramento likely would have tried to trade him anyway.