J.R. Smith on LeBron’s self alley-oop dunk: “He was made in a lab somewhere”


LeBron James‘ off-the-backboard pass to himself for a dunk was the play of a Cavaliers’ Game 4 win — and they had plenty of amazing plays to choose from. The play speaks to how aggressive the Cavaliers were attacking the rim, how the Warriors were not sharp on their defensive rotations…

And now flat-out ridiculous LeBron James can be.

Don’t take my word for it, J.R. Smith raved about the dunk postgame.

“You see it in the park and stuff growing up. You never think about somebody doing it in a game. Doing it in a Finals game. Game 4 when you’re down 3-0.

“He dunked on Tristan. That was the craziest part of it. He had the whole lane until Tristan came in there. He’s a Gatorade baby, man, he was made in a lab somewhere.”

First off, Smith and I play pickup in very different parks because nobody has pulled that off in a game I’ve been in or around.

But Smith is right — who has the cojones to pull that play off in an NBA Finals game? Chalk one up for LeBron.