Report: Lonzo Ball didn’t blow away Lakers in workout

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

A rumor suggested Lonzo Ball would need to wow the Lakers in his workout, or they’d draft Josh Jackson or De'Aaron Fox with the No. 2 pick. Well, Ball’s workout in Los Angeles came and went.

How did it ago?

Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report:

Lonzo Ball was fine.

He was humble and respectful in conversation over meals.

He shot the ball well on the court.

He very well might be the Los Angeles Lakers’ draft pick in two weeks’ time.

Yet Ball also didn’t blow the Lakers away or seal any deal in the time he spent with their officials Tuesday and Wednesday, according to sources.

Based on the rumor, that suggests the Lakers will pass on Ball, though other reporting of the Lakers being questionable on Ball didn’t put so much on the workout specifically.

I’m in the camp that believes this is a smokescreen – to generate trade interest, prevent LaVar Ball from appearing to control the process or both. Lonzo is an excellent prospect and the most logical pick.

We’ll get an indication of what the Balls believe. LaVar said the guard would work out for only the Lakers. But if there’s concern he’ll fall, that could change.