Report: Potential 2017 NBA first round draft pick Jonathan Jeanne has Marfan syndrome


Jonathan Jeanne, a 19-year-old 2017 NBA Draft prospect and possible first-round draft choice has been diagnosed with Marfan syndrome. Marfan syndrome affects the connective tissues of the body. Isaiah Austin, a big man from Baylor, brought Marfan to the public NBA eye in 2014.

The report comes courtesy Yahoo! Sports, who say that despite having already played professionally in Europe and working out with NBA teams, Jeanne could be putting his health at risk by playing.

Jeanne is a potential late first round draft pick. As of publication Draft Express has Jeanne slotted at No. 22 to the Brooklyn Nets.

Via Yahoo! Sports:

Jeanne underwent an MRI while participating in the Chicago draft combine in May that showed an abnormality in his spine that required follow-up examinations. He completed medical, physical and genetic testing at the Cleveland Clinic and received the results Thursday.

Jeanne, 19, is not expected to receive clearance for NBA workouts moving forward. At 7-foot-2, Jeanne was a rapidly rising prospect whom NBA executives believed could develop into a rotational center. He was projected to be the No. 22 overall pick in the most recent mock draft by DraftExpress’ Jonathan Givony.

He worked out for an NBA team as recently as Wednesday when he visited the Toronto Raptors.

Jeanne remains hopeful that he can one day resume his basketball career after extensive medical supervision, Ndiaye said.

That’s tough news for a young man, not only about his health but about his dreams of playing in the NBA moving forward. Hopefully he can get to a point where he will be able to pursue a life in the NBA. Austin did say he was cleared to play in 2016 so there’s hope for Jeanne yet.