J.R. Smith: I’ve sent crazy tweets, but I know better than to tweet right after game

AP Photo/Tony Dejak

CLEVELAND – J.R. Smith denied tweeting, “Cavs in 7.” But it somehow wound up posted to his account just 17 minutes after Game 3 ended:


How did it get there? Smith – who has been fined twice for tweets – said he didn’t know.

“I’m not really a technology guy like that,” Smith said. “I’ve been known to send some pretty crazy tweets in the past. But, obviously, I would know better than that, at 12:04 when the game is over at 12:00.”

Smith’s tweet seemingly violated the NBA’s social-media guidelines, but he said he hadn’t heard from the league and sounded as if he didn’t expect to.

Again: The Cavaliers have much bigger problems.