Rumor: Kings considering trading picks No. 5, 10 to move up and get De’Aaron Fox


Unlike the NFL, you rarely see NBA teams trade multiple picks to move up in the draft. Not so much because the lower teams aren’t willing to package as much as the teams higher up the draft aren’t willing to trade down — top end talent matters most in the NBA, and the sport doesn’t have the attrition rate of football so multiple picks matters less.

However, it does happen. Chad Ford of ESPN reports in his latest mock draft that the Kings would consider moving up to go after Kentucky’s De'Aaron Fox.

There’s talk inside the organization about combining picks Nos. 5 and 10 to move up in the draft to secure Fox. If they found a taker, that would be a high price to pay to move up two to three spots.

Let me break out multiple thoughts here:

• This time of year take every rumor and report with a grain of salt. There’s more smoke being blown right now than in an Amsterdam coffeehouse. Ford, in particular, throws out a lot of stuff that doesn’t always come to pass.

• Who would trade with the Kings? Not Boston at No. 1, and the Lakers aren’t looking to move down without a Godfather deal (and the Kings don’t have the players they’d surrender, in addition to one or both picks, to make that happen). Philly? Maybe if they don’t love Josh Jackson or Fox after working them out, but again they are going to ask for a quality veteran more than another young player (they would just draft that), and Arron Afflalo doesn’t fit that bill. They aren’t going to package all that to move up one spot with the Suns. So who exactly do they trade with?

• Fox is a guy moving up draft boards; he was already considered a top-five guy anyway.

• No doubt the Kings are talking about trades — they are talking about everything. Every team is. All options are considered. That’s very different from pulling the trigger. But the Kings traded DeMarcus Cousins and they will be hunting for a star, something they will be more likely to find higher up the draft board than No. 5. And 10.