Robert Horry says Hakeem Olajuwon was 20 times better than Tim Duncan, snipes at Ginobili


Robert Horry has seven NBA championship rings. He played with some of the greatest players of multiple generations. He probably would be a pretty good judge if you wanted to weigh some of those players against each other.

But … not like this.

During his time on ESPN’s “The Jump” program, Horry made some comments that were unnecessarily pointed and obviously a bit exaggerated.

Via USA Today:

“When we played San Antonio one time and Tim was killing me in the block, Phil refused to double-team Tim to get the ball out of his hands,” Horry said. “And Dream was 20 times better than Tim Duncan.”

Yipes. Tell us how you really feel, Bob. 20 times better? That seems egregious.

When Rachael Nicols and Paul Pierce started to pepper Horry with questions, he dug himself yet another hole, this time throwing pointed shade at San Antonio Spurs legend Manu Ginobili.

Pierce: “Listen, Dream was awesome. Dream was awesome, unbelievable. But he was not 20 times better than Tim Duncan. Not 20 times!”

Horry: “I’m saying you would rather have Dream at the free throw line at the end of a game, and you’re down.”

Pierce: “Dream is lucky Jordan retired. You would only have five rings if Jordan didn’t retire.”

Horry: “Let me just say this: You got yours because, if Manu Ginobili would have did the things he was supposed to do, I would have had like 10 championships.”

OK well, Horry’s going to have some explaining to do next time he’s in San Antonio. Or perhaps they’re good with him, exchanging rings for the ability to throw shade?

Guess we’ll just have to find out.