Reports: Cavaliers locker room smelled of marijuana after Game 2


NBA teams open their locker rooms – already full of players and team personnel – after games to media, arena staff and others who snag a credential. It can get quite crowded, and LeBron James speaking in the Cavaliers’ visiting locker room rather than at the podium after their loss to the Warriors in Game 2 of the NBA Finals likely drew even more people into the confined space.

So, there are no shortage of suspects for this strange development.

Mike Wise of The Undefeated:

Brian Windhorst of ESPN confirmed:

This story is more amusing than anything else.

Nobody has pointed the finger at the Cavs. Would any of them really toke up in an NBA Finals locker room with so many people around?

But what if it were a Cleveland player? LeBron said he’d recover from the game with wine, and nobody batted an eye. Recreational marijuana is legal in California. The Collective Bargaining Agreement prohibits players from using marijuana, but that stance based on antiquated ideas about the difference between marijuana and alcohol.

I’d have no problem with a player unwinding from a game with weed. Not-at-all-well-kept secret: It already happens.

To do it in a crowded locker room during the NBA Finals would be needlessly reckless, so there are other layers here. But that’s why I doubt is was a Cavalier anyway.