Draymond Green laughs off idea Showtime Lakers would sweep Warriors

Getty Images

I hope Game 3 is close and makes these NBA Finals a series, because then maybe the conversation will shift toward basketball and strategy. Maybe.

One of the topics that has started to come up as these Warriors sweep through the playoffs in historic fashion is just how good are they, and where to we slot them all-time if Vegas bookmakers would choose them over the 1996 Bulls, barely. Then there was Magic Johnson saying his Showtime Lakers would sweep these Warriors.

Draymond Green‘s response to that was perfect.

For the record, fellow Showtime Laker Mychael Thompson was on SiriusXM NBA Radio last week and was asked if these Warriors could beat the 1987 Lakers. He had a different view.

“Oh, we lose. We can’t beat these warriors,” while citing Golden State’s defensive ability and ability to shoot the three. It should be noted Mychal is Klay Thompson‘s dad, so he has some bias here.

Green handled this well. I just hope soon we can get back to talking about how the Warriors can beat Cleveland.