Draymond Green to reporter: “You act like I’m a troubled guy who can’t control himself” (VIDEO)


Draymond Green admitted on Sunday that he felt responsible for the Golden State Warriors losing the championship last season to the Cleveland Cavaliers after he was suspended for Game 5 following an incident with LeBron James. Green also said he would do the same exact thing again, because LeBron’s stepping over him was disrespectful.

Fair enough.

Meanwhile, a reporter asked Green after Sunday’s Game 2 win over the Cavaliers, 132-113, how he was able to “restrain yourself emotionally”.


Green responded to the question saying, “You act like I’m a troubled guy who can’t control himself. Jesus Christ.”

Green eventually had a deliberate, even more thoughtful answer than his original reaction to the question, which was worded pretty oddly even if you could sort of understand where the reporter was trying to go with it.

Meanwhile, LeBron skipped his podium appearance entirely, opting instead for the locker room where he, too, got into it with a reporter.

Cheer up, fellas. These Finals appear to be nearly over, anyway.