Report: Willie Reed opting out of Heat contract

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The new Collective Bargaining Agreement would have amended Willie Reed‘s 2017-18 salary from $1,087,745 to $1,577,230, because his slated number fell below the new minimum.

But that wasn’t a large enough raise for the backup Heat center.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

Reed is already 27 after spending a few years in the D-League. This is his chance to get paid.

In his first steady NBA role (15 minutes per game in 71 games, five starts), Reed acquitted himself well. He’s a very good rebounder and finisher, and he’s a solid rim protector. The Heat started Hassan Whiteside for good reason, but they kept humming when he went to the bench because Reed could handle those lower-leverage minutes.

Is Reed ready for more? It’s hard to find a team that would start him, but even as a reserve, he’s worth more than his option salary.

To pay him a salary more than $1,892,676, Miami will have to use cap space or the room exception ($4,328,000). In other words, the Heat don’t have an inside track on him financially.

Pat Riley said he’d focus on retaining Miami’s own players, but Reed has earned a competitive market for his services.