Despite reports, Mike Brown says he knows nothing of Steve Kerr return


OAKLAND — While there has been buzz that Steve Kerr is feeling healthy and may return to the bench to coach the Golden State Warriors in Game 2 of the Finals Sunday night, the Warriors say they know nothing about this.

It’s all the same. I’m the coach until they tell me I’m not,” Warriors interim coach Mike Brown said Monday. “I haven’t heard anything different from them.”

“I hope he comes back, but I haven’t heard anything,” Klay Thompson said, later adding the word “yet.”

This doesn’t mean Kerr will stay out of the big chair — this is exactly what the Warriors have to say until the minute Kerr makes the announcement.

Kerr left the Warriors two games into this postseason because of complications from a back surgery that held him out of the start of the 2015-16 season. Kerr had a slow leak of spinal fluid, which was leading to severe headaches, nausea, and it had gotten worse. However, after having a procedure at the Duke medical facilities, Kerr is reportedly feeling much better.

Kerr is cautious with his return for a couple of reasons. One, the team is 11-0 in his absence, and nobody in sports wants to mess with a streak. Second, he doesn’t want to coach a game Sunday, feel terrible after it’s over and not be able to continue — if he’s in he wants to be in for the rest of the Finals. So they will be sure before a decision is made.

Both Brown and Thompson said they needed to focus more on what they expect will be a more focused, more physical effort from the Cavaliers in Game 2.