Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue (facetiously?) on Warriors: ‘They’re the best I ever seen’


The Warriors dominated the Cavaliers in Game 1, leading to this exchange between Tyronn Lue and a reporter:

  • Reporter: “Obviously there’s no team that’s unbeatable. At the same time, you know their record right now in the post-season. They have not lost a game. How well is this team playing? I know it’s tough to answer that when you’ve just been beaten by them somewhat soundly. How well is this team playing right now and does that record reflect how good this team is right now?”
  • Lue: “Yeah, they’re the best I ever seen.”
  • Reporter: Can you elaborate on that?
  • Lue: “They’re the best I ever seen.”
  • Reporter: “OK, OK, OK.”
  • Lue: “I mean, no other team has done this, right? So, 13-0, and they constantly break records every year, last year being 73-9, this year starting the playoffs 13-0. So, they’re playing good basketball. But we can play better.”

This sounded like Lue intentionally laying it on thick – to avoid providing any bulletin-board material, to try to get Golden State to lower its guard, to get his team aware of and focused on the challenge ahead, to frame the matchup in a way that makes Cleveland look better no matter how the series ends or some combination thereof.

It didn’t quite come across like Kyle Lowry bowing down to LeBron James inevitability during the Cavs-Raptors series.

But I don’t quite know what Lue meant. At face value – which, again, I don’t think was his intent – he might be right, though.