Report: LeBron James’ Los Angeles home vandalized with racist term


It’s no secret there has been a spike in racist incidents the past seven months or so in this country, some ending incredibly and unfortunately violently.

Now that has hit the biggest name basketball player on the planet the day before the start of the NBA Finals — his Los Angeles home was vandalized with a racist epithet painted across it, according to TMZ.

An L.A. home owned by LeBron James was the target of a hate crime — someone spray painted the n-word on the front gate and detectives are now investigating, cops tell TMZ Sports.

Here’s what we know … multiple LAPD units and a neighborhood patrol vehicle responded to the home early Wednesday morning. We’re told the word was scrawled on the outer gate.

We’re told investigators are looking for security footage from neighbors which may show the perpetrator.

Neither LeBron nor his family were in the home at the time (he’s not there during the season, but reportedly spends some of the summer there, depending on his and the family’s schedules).

What else is there to say other than that backwards idiots live in every corner of this country, and lately they’ve felt emboldened. Just remember this next time someone tells you that racism isn’t an issue in this nation anymore.

I hope the police find and prosecute the perpetrator, although the history of identifying and prosecuting taggers in Los Angeles does not make one optimistic.