Cavaliers come out to the Monstars theme from Space Jam, lose to Celtics (VIDEO)


Boston Celtics star Isaiah Thomas needed people to stop praising the Cleveland Cavaliers so thoroughly. After Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Thomas said of the Cavaliers, “We’re not scared of Cleveland. They’re not the Monstars. They’re not on Space Jam.”

Of course, the Cavaliers blew out the Celtics in Game 2, 130-86. So maybe they really were the Monstars, at least from the early part of the movie.

And it seems that the Cavaliers like that moniker. In Cleveland for Game 3, the Cavaliers came out to the Monstars theme from the movie.

Via Twitter:

Of course, the real issue here is that the Monstars lose at the end of Space Jam. Unfortunately for Cleveland, they suffered the same fate, dropping the game at the buzzer on an Avery Bradley 3-pointer.