Watch the Spurs Coyote dance in a male romper, er, him? (VIDEO)


Because the Internet is a hivemind whose dedication to a joke can be so complete that not even capitalism can keep pace, we often see irony taken to its logical endpoint. For example, last week was indeed the Week of the Male Romper.

If you’re not up to speed, a Kickstarter for a men’s version of the popular women’s garment was discovered and circulated around social media. On May 15, the romper campaign had just $8,685 of its stated $11,000 goal. As I publish this story, they now have more than $354,000 in pledges.

Pop culture often seeps in to the threads of the NBA media fabric, and as such it was the San Antonio Spurs who made sure to grab a snappy reference before it faded in the wash.

Behold! The Spurs Coyote dancing during Game 3 against the Golden State Warriors:

The future is already played out.