Spurs’ David Lee forced to leave game, cannot return to action


The basketball gods are just being cruel to the Spurs now.

David Lee had a good start to Game 3 in San Antonio, hitting two-of-three shots for four points and making an impact in just more than two minutes of action.

Then he went up at the basket, drew a foul to the body from Draymond Green for an and-1, landed awkwardly and was instantly in pain.

Lee couldn’t even stay in the game to take the free throw, which means by NBA rule he cannot return to this contest.

A camera in the hallway to the locker room showed a dejected Lee having to go back in a wheelchair, unable to walk.

Lee, because he struggles defensively, had a limited role for the Spurs in the series against the Warriors.

San Antonio was up 33-29 after the first quarter and is showing some fight at home, down 0-2 in the series and without Kawhi Leonard or Tony Parker, too.