Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas out for rest of playoffs

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What has been a string of blowouts in the conference finals seems destined to continue with the news that Boston’s leading scorer Isaiah Thomas is out for the remainder of the postseason, the team announced. He re-aggravated a “right femoral-acetabular impingement with labral tear” during Game 2 Friday night, an injury that kept him out of the second half of that blowout.

“Isaiah has worked tirelessly to manage this injury since it first occurred,” said Celtics Chief Medical Officer Dr. Brian McKeon in a released statement. “The swelling increased during the first two games against Cleveland, and in order to avoid more significant long-term damage to his hip, we could no longer allow him to continue.”

This is an injury Thomas has been playing through since March 15, according to reports. At this point, the Celtics are wise not to let it get worse.

Celtics GM Danny Ainge spoke for a lot of Celtics — and just basketball — fans.

A femoral-acetabular impingement means that the ball joint in the hip socket is not moving freely around the cup it sits in (the hip is a ball and socket joint). It is partially caused by the labral tear, which is a rip in the lining of cartilage that surrounds the hip joint. What all this means is  Thomas would feel pain when cutting or pivoting or making sharp moves, which are things one does a lot on the basketball court.

It sucks to see a fantastic, All-NBA season by Thomas end this way.

Boston has been blown out in the first two games of the Eastern Conference Finals on its home court, and now the series shifts to Cleveland for Game 3 Sunday. What has been an uncompetitive series just got even less interesting.

To answer your next question, the have a locked-in start date of June 1. So get ready for a long break between series.