NBA: Warriors got away with late foul in Game 1 win over Spurs

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Zaza Pachulia‘s foul of Kawhi Leonard was the most controversial play of the Warriors’ 113-111 Game 1 win over the Spurs.

But it wasn’t the only one.

Kevin Durant got away with a loose-ball foul of LaMarcus Aldridge with 1:28 left, according to the NBA’s Last Two Minute Report:

Durant (GSW) grabs and pulls Aldridge’s (SAS) jersey during rebounding.

Because Golden State was in the penalty, a correct call would’ve given Aldridge – who shot 81% on free throws this season and 80% for his career – two attempts from the line.

Instead, the Warriors secured the defensive rebound and eventually the two-point win.

(Aldridge also got away with travelling with 55.7 seconds left, according to the two-minute report, but San Antonio didn’t score on that possession anyway.)