Moses Malone Jr. suing James Harden over alleged robbery orchestration

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
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Four men were charged last year with robbing Moses Malone Jr. Malone said James Harden directed the theft, but the Rockets star was not charged.

Now, Malone is suing Harden.

Isiah Carey of Fox 26:

That suit was filed by Moses Malone Jr today according to his attorney George Farah.  It alleges Harden paid a group of people $20,000 in cash to attack and rob Malone at V-Live strip club last year. The lawsuit says Harden was angry because Malone wrote a Facebook post criticizing the star player for charging children for his basketball camp.

Harden’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, issued a statement via Carey:

I have previously discussed Mose’s allegations with James and others,  and I am totally comfortable that the allegations are untrue. Unfortunately,  I am afraid this is just another example of people shopping for a deep pocket when they find that the people actually responsible have no money.

An important reminder: There is no burden of proof for filing a lawsuit. Harden has not been charged with a crime.