LeBron James subtly trolls Celtics with shirt in advance of Game 1

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Coincidence? I don’t think so.

LeBron James is as media savvy a player as there is — the man is smart and has been in the brightest of spotlights since age 16 — so everything he says or does is already calculated in his head. Much like on the court, he’s two moves ahead of almost everyone.

So it turned some heads when LeBron showed up for his post-practice interview Tuesday wearing a shirt from his high school, the St. Vincent-St. Mary Fighting Irish — whose logo just so happens to be a Leprechaun. Not unlike the Boston Celtics. Except this one has a halo as if it were already dead.

Think it’s a coincidence? Then you probably also thought it was a coincidence when LeBron got off the plane in Cleveland last year after having vanquished the Warriors and won an NBA title wearing his “Ultimate Warrior” WWE shirt. LeBron denied that was a thing, but anybody who knows how he thinks didn’t buy that for a second.

LeBron’s just having a little fun with the Celtics and their fan base. The question is can the Boston players really do anything about it?