It’s official: Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard, Warriors’ Andre Iguodala out for Game 2

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Both of these were expected, but as tipoff nears in Game 2 they have become official:

The Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard and the Warriors’ Andre Iguodala are out for Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals Tuesday night.

Leonard re-sprained his left ankle in Game 1, first accidentally stepping on the foot of David Lee (who was sitting on the bench) while trying to run up court, then on a controversial play where Golden State’s Zaza Pachulia closed out on Leonard and took away his landing space.

This is a big blow to the Spurs. One one end Leonard is their best defender, on the other he is the focal point of shot creation in their offense. Game 1 made it clear: The Spurs were +21 in 24 minutes when Leonard was on the court and -23 in the 24 minutes he was not.

Iguodala played just 10 minutes in Game 1, all in the first half. He changes up the depth for the Warriors, who have had good play from their bench these playoffs but have yet to see it seriously tested.

Both of these guys had MRIs that found no structural damage.

Also in both cases, missing this game means almost a week of rest before Game 3 on Saturday.