Video Breakdown: Spurs sell out on Kevin Durant, Warriors run decoy during Game 1 comeback


Did the Golden State Warriors deserve to win Sunday’s Game 1 matchup against the San Antonio Spurs? I suppose that depends on who you ask, and what their opinion is on sliding under a jumpshooter.

What was undeniable was how both Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant played late in the game, particularly as accelerants to allow the Warriors to catch up to the Spurs in the fourth quarter. Both players had a hand in eking out the win, with Curry dropping 40 points and Durant adding 34.

For me, the most impactful part of Golden State’s comeback was right in the middle of the fourth quarter. Down by six with eight minutes to go, Durant hit four straight shots for the Warriors to cut the lead to 98-95 with 5:41 to go.

That’s when the Spurs decided they needed to overplay Durant a little more, and Golden State took advantage. The play above came less than a minute later at the 5:13 mark, and was only possible because San Antonio needed to sell out to stop Durant from the 3-point line.

Watch the full video breakdown of Shaun Livington’s open lane to the basket that put the Warriors down by just 1 point with five minutes to go, right as Golden State made their final push.