Frank Jackson staying in NBA draft, going one-and-done from Duke

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

He’s neither the best Frank (that’s Frank Ntilikina) nor the best Jackson (that’s Josh Jackson) in the 2017 NBA draft, but Duke’s Frank Jackson is throwing his hat into the ring.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

Frank Jackson is a borderline first-rounder, though probably more likely to go in the second-round. He’s the classic scoring guard in a point guard’s body.

A highly touted recruit, Jackson showed flashes during his freshman year – attacking the basket hard and shooting from outside. But at 6-foot-4, he’ll have a hard time with a score-first mentality in the NBA. He’s so far from being able to run an NBA offense, and his size will limit him at shooting guard.

At a certain point in the draft, it’ll be worth taking a flier on him, but it’s debatable in which round that point will come.