Richard Jefferson responds to Draymond Green’s comments about the Cavaliers being boring


Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green doesn’t like watching the Cleveland Cavaliers in the playoffs. He thinks they’re boring. Green isn’t impressed by the Cavaliers sweeping the Indiana Pacers and the Toronto Raptors, telling the San Jose Mercury News, “When you watch Cleveland play, you’re only watching one side of the good basketball. That’s kind of weak.”

That’s cool. That’s not something new or exciting, to be honest. A lot of the chatter over the last month has been about the inevitability of the Cavaliers and Warriors meeting in the Finals, and the potential degradation to the NBA product because of their playoff dominance.

But Cavaliers wing Richard Jefferson sort of wants Green to stop throwing stones from inside his glass house.

Speaking on his podcast, Jefferson said the Warriors haven’t exactly been easy on their opponents, either.

Via Twitter:

Keep telling me this isn’t a rivalry.