Video Breakdown: Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry dominate Jazz on consecutive BLOB plays


Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant made short work of the Utah Jazz. The Golden State Warriors duo, along with Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, swept the No. 5 seed in four games on Monday in a 121-95 drubbing.

Things really took off for the Warriors in the fourth quarter of Game 4, but the opening half wasn’t too shabby either. In particular, I saw two plays within one minute of each other that were a perfect symbol of just how deadly the Warriors are.

Put simply: the Jazz were so afraid of Kevin Durant — who scored 38 points in Game 3 — they overplayed him to the point of leaving Curry wide open. Twice.

So how could this come about, and what strategy could you possibly employ to stop the Warriors in this scenario if you were the Jazz?

Watch the full breakdown above to see just how ridiculously dangerous Golden State is when it plays even the toughest NBA defenses.