Kelly Oubre is ready to be booed in Boston

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There are a lot of questions heading into Game 5 between the Wizards and Celtics Wednesday night, ones that could determine the fate of this series. Can Isaiah Thomas get back on track at home and lift his team up? Can the Wizards bench stop blowing leads? Can the Wizards slow the Celtics from three (Boston is +57)? Can the Celtics slow the Wizards in the paint (Washington is +56)?

We don’t know the answers to any of that.

We do know one thing for sure about Game 5 — Kelly Oubre is going to get booed. Mercilessly.

He was suspended for Game 4 after running from halfcourt to shove Kelly Olynyk to the ground after a hard screen by the Celtics big man, one of several Oubre thought was aimed above the neck. He’s back for Game 5 in Boston and we all know what’s coming. He told Candace Buckner of the Washington Post he was ready for it.

“I’m happy to be in the situation, honestly. I’m 21 years old and people are going to be — how many people fit in here?” Oubre inquired as he looked around the arena where green shirts covered 18,624 seats.

“A lot of people are going to be booing me tonight,” Oubre said, beaming. “They know who I am, so it’s definitely a blessing so we got to go out here and get this big win tonight.”

Oubre played his college ball at Kansas, and he said playing there taught him about being booed by opposing fans, via J. Michael of

“Kansas State is the worst,” said Oubre, who went to the University of Kansas before being drafted in the first round in 2015. “They got a whole student section that hates your guys. They want you dead.”

Oubre matters because he’s part of that Wizards bench that has been inconsistent this series, although most of that has been an issue in the backcourt. Brandon Jennings has been outplayed by the Celtics. That said, Oubre will draw some time on Isaiah Thomas as a defender — and that will mean some Olynyk picks in his path.

These teams dislike each other like few in the playoffs, which has made this series — and will make Game 5 — all the more fun.