Warriors, Cavaliers storm through first two rounds of playoffs

Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Warriors have won all eight of their games in these playoffs. They’ve led by double digits about half the time they’ve been on the court. They’ve spent more time up 20 than trailing.

Their dominance has sparked a debate on their watchability, and the same questions exist about the Cavaliers in the East.

Golden State and Cleveland have made 2017 the first time multiple teams reached conference finals with 8-0 records. These teams appear to be on a collision course for an unprecedented third straight Finals, their dominance so far eye-popping.

Here’s every team to sweep the first two rounds since the playoffs expanded to 16 teams in 1984:

  • 2017 Warriors (8-0)
  • 2017 Cavaliers (8-0)
  • 2016 Cavaliers (8-0)
  • 2012 Spurs (8-0)
  • 2010 Magic (8-0)
  • 2009 Cavaliers (8-0)
  • 2005 Heat (8-0)
  • 2001 Lakers (7-0)
  • 1999 Pacers (7-0)
  • 1993 Bulls (7-0)
  • 1989 Pistons¬† (7-0)
  • 1989 Lakers (7-0)

The more recent double sweeps tend to be more impressive, because the first round expanded to best-of-seven from best-of-five and, with expansion, first-round opponents are at about the league’s median rather than well below it.

It’s not just the victories. Golden State has won by 16.5 points per game, fourth-best through two rounds in the 16-team playoff format. After the closest four-game sweep in NBA history, Cleveland routed the Raptors to move its point difference per game to a robust +9.6.

Here’s every conference finalist since 2004, sorted by point difference per game: