PBT Podcast: A 2017 NBA Mock Draft with Rob Dauster of NBC


Next week the NBA Draft Lottery will take place, and with that some things will fall into place with the 2017 NBA Draft. Will Boston have the No. 1 pick (thank’s again Brooklyn)? Will the Lakers keep their pick (top three protected)? If those teams have those picks, both might dangle them in trades for Paul George.

However, I’m not a patient man.

Rob Dauster from NBC’s College Basketball Talk and I talked through a mock first round draft. We went with the lottery odds order (Boston, Phoenix, LA Lakers, etc) and tried to both get teams the best guy on the board and get matches with their styles and needs.

Somehow we got through all of it without mocking LaVar Ball. But we did talk about Russell Westbrook‘s clothing choices, and if you can dress your child like that.

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