Kristaps Porzingis says Clippers tweet a result of hacking


New York Knicks center Kristaps Porzingis tweeted out something odd this weekend. Porzingis left the entire NBA social sphere scratching their heads when he sent out:

LA Clippers 🙂🙂🙂

Was it meant to be a direct message to someone KP was talking to? Was it supposed to be a joke? Was it real insight into where Porzingis or teammate Carmelo Anthony might land this summer?

According to Porzingis, it was none of the above. Instead, they’re going with the old “he was hacked” routine.

Roll it:

Hey, sure. That’s what hackers usually do. They grab your account, tweet out a carefully-worded, ominous message that outsiders can directly correlate to the situation in New York. Makes sense.

Or does it?

Meanwhile, Porzingis himself sent out a screenshot of his recent emoji screen that looks like he doesn’t even use the smiley from the tweet:

That doesn’t really prove much, given you could easily change your recently used emojis right before screenshotting them. You can also use a laptop or other devices to send emojis on Twitter, and we don’t know whether the tweet came from a phone or not. And finally, I should point out that many NBA players have multiple phones, as well as social media managers handling aspects of their account.

I’m still not convinced, is what I’m saying. Guess we will just have to wait and see.