Kevin Durant after Flagrant 1 on Rudy Gobert: “That’s why they call our league soft” (VIDEO)


Kevin Durant usually seems like a level-headed guy, but Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert just sort of got to him on Saturday night.

During the Golden State Warriors’ Game 3 win over the Jazz, 102-91, Gobert and Durant went nose-to-nose after a bit of a shoving match.

The play happened with 90 seconds left in the fourth quarter, with Durant and Gobert going at it down low as they battled for position. Gobert could be seen coming across Durant’s left side, giving the Warriors star a forearm in the ribs that moved him off his toes.

Durant didn’t like that very much, and as Gobert faced the coming play it was Durant who gave the Jazz center a big shove in the back with a forearm of his own.

For his efforts, Durant was assessed a Flagrant 1 and a technical foul.

Game 4 is on Monday in Utah. Golden State will be looking to complete the 4-0 sweep.