PBT Extra: Clippers to blow it up? Probably not, but changes likely


It’s easy from the outside to say “blow it up.” The Clippers seem to have plateaued as a good team just shy of contending — 48-55 wins a season and an exit in the first couple playoff rounds (the first round the last two seasons, due to injuries). With Chris Paul and Blake Griffin expected to opt out of the final year of their respective deals, and with J.R. Redick a free agent, should the Clippers just blow the entire thing up?

Don’t bet on it.

It’s hard enough to get to the point they are at, and this is a franchise that a decade ago was the laughing stock of the league (and now has been to six straight postseasons). While Steve Ballmer may not want to pay a massive amount of luxury tax to run this exact same team back, tweaks — and maybe one star leaving — is far more likely than a reboot.

I discuss it all in this latest PBT Extra.