PBT Extra: Tony Parker is done for the playoffs, but that doesn’t mean the Spurs are

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Tony Parker is done for the playoffs with an unfortunate rupture of the quadriceps tendon in his left leg. This is not good for the career of the aging point guard, and in the short term it means he’ll be watching the rest of the playoffs in a suit on the bench.

But don’t count out the Spurs.

Patty Mills has been better this season than Tony Parker, and in some ways he’s a better fit next to Kawhi Leonard when the MVP candidate is running the pick-and-roll — Mills is a better spot up shooter and a better defender. The Spurs starters do not take a step back without Parker.

However, the bench…

That’s what I get into in this latest PBT Extra. The bottom line is the Spurs still have a real chance in this series, a good one at that.