Al Horford on Markieff Morris: ‘I’m not going to give him the time of day’

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images
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Markieff Morris keeps tormenting members of the 2015-16 Hawks who want nothing to do with him.

The Wizards forward egged on Paul Millsap during a first-round series against Atlanta until Millsap engaged. Now, Morris is turning his attention to Al Horford.

Horford slid under a Morris jumper, and Morris injured his ankle on the play in Game 1 of Celtics-Wizards. Morris said he’d ask Horford at Game 2 whether the play was dirty. I don’t know whether Morris posed his question, but he tossed Horford into the stands.

Jay King of MassLive:

When asked about the pregame chat, Horford replied, “I’m not going to give him any more play. That’s it.”

Horford took a similar stance when asked about the hard foul.

“Again,” he said, “I’m not going to give him the time of day.”

If Horford can maintain that stance, more power to him. But Morris will keep trying to get under his skin.