Kobe Bryant is helping Isaiah Thomas with scouting, what to watch on film

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No wonder Isaiah Thomas put together a monster 53-point game on Tuesday — he’s been talking to one of the best big game players in NBA history.

Thomas revealed on Wednesday he’s been in communication with Kobe Bryant, getting some scouting reports and a perspective of what Kobe sees, what to watch on film. Here’s what Thomas said, via A. Sherrod Blakely of CSNNE.com.

John Wall will be texting Kobe in 3…2…

The best players lean on each other, trainers, pretty much anyone they trust to provide a different perspective and give them ideas on how to attack certain players or situations. Kobe watched as much film, studied the game and his opponent, as much as any player in the league. He has seen everything. It’s a fantastic perspective to get.

It’s a great move by Thomas to lean on him.

Even Red Auerbach would be good with a Laker helping a Celtic in this case.