Charles Barkley says Draymond Green couldn’t guard him, Warriors F responds (VIDEO)

charles barkley

Could Draymond Green guard Charles Barkley at his peak? Ol’ Chuck doesn’t seem to think so.

During Inside the NBA on TNT on Monday, Barkley laughed at the notion that Green would be able to guard him or any number of Hall of Fame power forwards, including Karl Malone, Kevin McHale, and himself.

Perhaps more importantly, Barkley was alluding to the idea of elite offensive talent edging elite defensive talent. That’s maybe a little more dodgy than Barkley vs. Green specifically.

Via Twitter:

I actually have no problem with Barkley’s confidence here. Barkley was an absolute monster back in his day, and it’s not crazy to think he’d get the better of Green half the time. If he wants to say it would be more, that’s OK too. There’s no way to tell, so it’s sort of moot.

In any case, Green responded to Barkley’s comments via Twitter:

This is entirely too reasonable on both sides. It’s the playoffs, baby. Step your historical comparison game up, fellas.